Every Christmas is Different

Every Christmas is different.

Our family used to fit at a table.
Time has passed, the table has become small, the family has grown.
Maybe the table in your home – like mine – is incomplete.
Loved ones have already completed life’s natural cycle; others have not even been born; others are gone, and we often lose HOPE of celebrating another Christmas.

Every Christmas is different.

It may be that your family is complete, but deep in your heart you may lack JOY.
Maybe you are facing a big problem. Maybe you can’t ever get over hurt of deep sadness, and you are unable to forgive yourself for something you did or didn’t do. Maybe someone in your family is very ill and may not survive.

Every Christmas is different.

How to have a Joyful and Peaceful Night?
If at the moment you feel that your sadness is endless, seek for help and try to fill your heart with happy moments to recharge.
That is what I do. Working with the end of life is not easy, and I add to that the personal problems we all have.
So, I try to recharge by visiting my family as often as I can, meeting with friends who fill my heart with joy, going to concerts, going to therapy, and most of all, seeking God and cultivating gratitude.
The message of Hope, Joy and peace can be yours this Christmas.
HOPE that the night is merry because Jesus was born.
JOY because the certainty of having a Savior is eternal and our problems are not.
PEACE because Jesus is the only one who can put into our hearts the peace that goes beyond our understanding.

Seek, forgive, accept.

Every Christmas is different.

Merry Christmas!


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